ReSure Online is a cloud-based service that allows you to easily define, collect and report the information that you need for effective management of your risk and insurance programme.  It is particularly suited to organisations with many locations; diverse types of business operations; specialised insurance information needs; and group insurance schemes. Our unlimited user licensing approach means that the cost to deploy the system across the entire organisation is minimised.

ReSure manages a seamless flow of high quality information, from its source to its destination.  It provides global collaboration for the collection and distribution of your renewals information by your employees, your brokers and consultants, and the insurance and reinsurance markets.

ReSure can be implemented in individual modules, or as an integrated solution.

Values Collection

Take the stress out of  the annual task of collecting, collating and distributing risk exposure and asset values information.  Get the best possible deal from your insurer by providing quality, accurate and complete information about your risk exposures.

Policy Management

Register details of all of your coverages – insured and self insured, by direct insurers and multiple brokers.  Eliminate gaps in cover with a single, global view of your policies.  Link policies to values and claims experience to understand how your insurance and risk retention programme is performing.

Claims Management

Record incidents as they happen.  Manage self insured and insured claims across all areas of your organisation.  Merge above-excess claims data from your insurers to understand the total cost of claims.  Analyse loss experience to identify where corrective action is best applied.  Predict future claims costs with our forecasting model.

Issues Management

Collaborate with stake-holders on any kind of issue or case.  This module is fully integrated with the Values Collection, Policy and Claims Management modules.

The Integrated Solution

Combine Values Collection, Policy Management, Claims Management and Issues modules to obtain the complete solution for the risk and insurance management function.

Link these modules together to produce highly significant information that would otherwise be difficult or impractical to obtain.

Here are some of the things that you can do with ReSure Integrated:

  • Link Values and Exposures to Policy coverage to compare cover with valuations
  • Track loss ratios by policy layer
  •  Map your data to identify accumulations of values at risk and loss experience