Claims Management 

Record incidents as they happen.

Manage self insured and insured claims across all areas of your organisation.

Merge above-excess claims data from your insurers to understand the total cost of claims.

Analyse loss experience to identify where corrective action is best applied. Predict future claims costs with our forecasting model.

Key elements of the ReSure Claims Manager:

  • Management Console: the starting point for all claims management, highlights open and active incidents and claims that need attention
  • Risk Class Page Designer: design and update custom claims pages
  • Report Builder: customisable claims listings, development reports
  • Ad Hoc Reporter: design and build your own reports
  • Alerts (Business Rules and Workflow) Editor: Develop alerts to validate your data, notify users when important circumstances change, flag renewal of policies, leases, etc.
  • Actions and Events Diary: flag outstanding items for attention
  • Import Data from legacy systems: if it can be exported as data, we can import it into ReSure Claims
  • Merge data from insurers and claims managers to get total cost of claims
  • Export Payments to Accounts Payable systems: custom to match your AP system requirements
  • Outgoing and Incoming Email: capture the emails trail in the claim record
  • Roles and Access Permissions: define what each user can see and do
  • Document Management: attach any kind of document file to the claim