Issues Management

Collaborate on with stake-holders on any kind of issue or case. This module is fully integrated with the Values Collection, Policy and Claims Management modules. The following functions are available:

  • View current issues by Completion Status, User Involved, Target Date, Severity, Role.
  • Add unlimited notes to an Issue
  • Attach an Issue to a ReSure Site, Insurable Entity, Policy or Claim record.
  • Add Persons Involved in the Issue
  • Classify Issues as Private or Public (Private Issues are visible only to listed Persons Involved)
  • Create Actions and assign these to individuals
  • Add follow-up notes to Actions to track progress
  • Create one or more Reminders to manage the progress of an Issue
  • Attach documents, photos or any kind of file
  • Track the history of changes to dates, status, user
  • Configure Alerts based on severity, status and target date and use these to generate warnings and email notifications to users.
  • Automatically notify Persons Involved in the Issue whenever key information changes.
  • Create emails to multiple recipients and receive responses in the Issue record.