Policy Management

Register details of all of your coverages – insured and self insured, by direct insurers and multiple brokers.

Eliminate gaps in cover with a single, global view of your policies.

Link policies to values and claims experience to understand how your insurance and risk retention programme is performing.

Key elements to the ReSure Policy Manager:

  • Management Console: view and access all policies, highlight those that need your attention
  • Policy Page Designer: design and update custom policy pages
  • Renewals: roll over and update information as policy periods expire
  • Report Builder: Customisable reporting
  • Alerts (Business Rules and Workflow) Editor: Develop alerts to validate your data, notify users when important circumstances change, flag renewal of policies, etc.
  • Import Data from legacy systems: if it can be exported as data, we can import it into ReSure Policy Manager.
  • Actions and Events Diary: flag outstanding items for attention.
  • Outgoing and Incoming Email: capture the emails trail in the policy record.
  • Document Management: attach any kind of document file to the policy
  • Claims Link: Link claims to policies to calculate and monitor loss ratios