Solutions for the Risk Manager

Arguably the most important task that a risk and insurance manager performs each year is to manage the insurance renewals process.  The reward for doing this well is to obtain the best insurance terms and price for the organisation. The consequences of doing it badly may be catastrophic.

ReSure was designed to address the renewals information needs of risk and insurance managers of organisations that have some or all of these characteristics:

  • large and complex risk exposures
  • diverse business activities
  • many geographically spread locations

In these kinds of organisations, risk management departments are looking for simple, cost effective solutions that deal with the many problems encountered in collecting, managing and distributing risk exposure and asset values information.  You might recognise some of these common problems:

  • Your insurers keep asking for more, new and different information
  • Your colleagues are overwhelmed by the amount of data they need to provide
  • The information you receive is incomplete, late and of doubtful accuracy
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to collate and summarise the data into a useful form
  • There is often confusion about who has what version of the information
  • There is no single, secure place where you can store everything and retrieve it easily
  • Sharing information means sending documents in hard copy, or by email with its attendant security risks
  • You cannot easily control who has access to important commercially sensitive data
  • Your IT department says its too costly and difficult to build a renewals system
  • If you change your insurance arrangements, you may need to start all over again

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